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Recovery Worldwide is committed to creating quality digital content to inform and encourage those who are struggling with addiction.

About Us

Recovery Worldwide is independently funded and operated. We are a private organization founded by people personally affected by addiction. Recovery Worldwide was created to provide reliable information about addiction and to connect people to life-saving treatment.

Our team knows the value of addiction treatment and is dedicated to establishing partnerships with reputable treatment centers to give everyone access to quality care.

Our Team

The team at Recovery Worldwide is passionate about helping people find the treatment they need to reclaim their lives from addiction. We are writers, marketers and business professionals who believe everyone deserves a second chance.

Jake Sadowsky

Jake Sadowsky

Business Development Director

Jake Sadowsky has taken his experience in relationship building and community outreach into his role as the business development director for Recovery Worldwide. He is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about using this knowledge to connect people searching for help with appropriate treatment centers around the country.

Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham

Design/Development Director

Thomas has seen first-hand what alcohol addiction can do to a person and their family. His expertise revolves around interactive design, UX, brand identity design, and print collateral. He hopes to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas to deliver an easy and informative experience for anyone searching for help with their addiction or for someone they love.

Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith

Content Director

Kayla Smith has seen the struggles of mental health and addiction firsthand in her loved ones’ lives. She is dedicated to making rehabilitation, not incarceration, the primary option for everyone facing an addiction. Kayla draws from an extensive background in journalism and digital marketing to set the content strategy for Recovery Worldwide’s properties.

Addiction Center

Recovery Worldwide launched its flagship website,, in 2014 to national recognition. It is quickly becoming one of the most visited addiction information resources on the web. Recovery Worldwide is focused on developing technologies that help people find treatment and healing.

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