Our Values


A fun culture encourages ideas and breaks down walls between team members. We foster an atmosphere where our team members are comfortable and capable of creating and developing great ideas.

Attention to Detail

Everything great requires focus and a passion to exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on our obsession with our products. Good enough is never good enough. This is how we create excellent digital properties and brands.

Results Oriented

We like great ideas, but we prefer great products. If something only works as a “concept,” then it doesn’t work at all. By focusing on results, we create products that are able to stand on their own.

Meet our Team


Photo of Carmen McCrackin

Carmen McCrackin

Digital Content Writer
Photo of Emily Murray

Emily Murray

Digital Content Writer
Photo of Hannah Zwemer

Hannah Zwemer

Digital Content Writer
Photo of Christina Khaladkar

Christina Khaladkar

CRO/Web Analytics Strategist
Photo of Will Henken

Will Henken

Digital Content Writer

Design & Development

Photo of Steven Capuzzi

Steven Capuzzi

Junior Web Developer
Photo of Rob Montilla

Rob Montilla

Lead Designer

Marketing & Sales

Photo of Nyke Paul

Nyke Paul

SEO Marketing Associate
Photo of Jonathan Adkins

Jonathan Adkins

Lead SEO Marketing Associate
Photo of Jeff Coe

Jeff Coe

Business Development
Photo of Andre Franklin

Andre Franklin

SEO Marketing Associate
Photo of Sam Huss

Sam Huss

SEO Marketing Associate
Photo of Gwen Michael

Gwen Michael

SEO Marketing Associate
Photo of Danny Hanrahan

Danny Hanrahan

Business Development
Photo of Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

SEO Marketing Associate


Photo of Jake Sadowsky

Jake Sadowsky

Business Development Director
Photo of Carlos Fantauzzi

Carlos Fantauzzi

Human Resources & Operations Director
Photo of Hayley Hudson

Hayley Hudson

Media Manager
Photo of Mary Dawson

Mary Dawson

Marketing Manager
Photo of Eric Colón

Eric Colón

Design & Development Director